Urbani Black Truffle and Mushroom Sauce 黑松露蘑菇酱 370g (1罐/Bottle)

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Earthy black truffles, heavy cream, butter, Grana Padano and olive oil come together to create this spectacular sauce; everything a truffle product should be. Try it warmed and tossed with your favorite pasta or drizzled over grilled meat or fish.


• Manufacturer: URBANI TRUFFLES
• Ingredients: champignon mushrooms 67%, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, summer truffles breackings (Tuber aestivum vitt) 3%, salt, maize starch, grana padano cheese, parsley, aroma, garlic, squid ink, lemon juice, black pepper.
• 13 oz / 370g
• Country of Origin: Italy
• Shelf Life: 3-9 months

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